I am a geeky person, and for a long time I looked like a geek. That was of course until I learned three truly life-changing tips that helped me get rid of the geeky look. These tips are actually very simple, but a true geek wouldn’t know about them because we don’t have a natural instinct for style.

I always share these three important tips with geeks who confide that they wish to change up their appearance and look betted. Here they are:

Lose the glasses

If you’re a geek, it’s very likely that you’re myopic and bespectacled. Your first major change is to switch to contact lenses. Almost everyone looks better without glasses. The only problem is you think you look weird without them because you’re too used to seeing them around your eyes. Glasses are an icon for geekiness, and unless you’re trying to pull off that difficult sexy geek look, wear contact lenses instead. I use Acuvue 1-Day Acuvue Moist.

Shave your sides and style it

Many guys, including myself have the misfortune of hair that stands at the sides of our head, above our ears. If not cut to a proportionate length, you end up developing the dreaded mushroom head in a month. The next time you go to the salon, ask that they shave your sides with the shaver length set at either “1” (or if you’re feeling adventurous, “0”).

Following which, style your hair. You don’t have to look like Naruto or a porcupine. Just use a matte hair wax like Gatsby Grunge Mat Moving Rubber. You can find official tips on applying the hairwax here.

Wear the right fit

This tip is quintessential because tons of geeks that I’ve talked to wear the wrong size of shirt. Many geeks are slim and are best complemented by an S (or even XS) sized T-shirt. Unfortunately, a great deal of them wear the M size, making them appear sloppier and their bodies look even smaller. You still have full autonomy over your choice of shirt design. Just replace your M-sized shirts today with S ones.