We all know Lady Gaga for her infectious hits : “Poker Face”, “Bad Romance” and her latest “Million Reasons”, but are you familiar with her many musical gems that never made it to radio? As Mother Mother turns 31 today, let’s look back at five such songs (one from each studio album) that are so darn good, they deserve the same recognition as “Born This Way”:

“Summerboy” (The Fame, 2008)

The Fame spent 106 weeks atop the Dance/Electronic Albums chart, but the hidden gen of the album has no trace of EDM. “Summerboy” is a breezy pop song sung in a David Bowie-ish accent and narrates a budding summer romance. An unbelievably underrated song chucked at the back of the track list.

“Monster” (The Fame Monster, 2009)

The Fame Monster is a pop record of gothic greatness, and in the centrepiece of that darkness is “Monster”, a mid-tempo dance-pop number where Gaga discusses her fear of sex using monsters as a metaphor. “Uh-oh, there was a monster in my bed… he ate my heart and then he ate my brain.”

“Heavy Metal Lover” (Born This Way, 2011)

Unlike the title suggests, this hyper-electronic experimental track buzzes with electro-eargasmic “ooo”-s and builds up to a fully synthesized bridge; not the heavy metal song you thought it is. The lyrics are quite incoherent, but I believe the pop icon is singing about a leather-themed orgy. I mean, she does say “tonight bring your friends because a group does it better.”

“Sexxx Dreams” (ARTPOP, 2013)

This erotic track on Gaga’s lukewarm-received ARTPOP album combines the spoken word of Madonna’s “Justify My Love” with the seductive tone of Britney Spears’s “Breathe On Me”. The spoken and melodic lines are interwoven in the verses, telling two simultaneous stories: the woes of a heartbroken lover and the wishes of a horny lady.

“John Wayne” (Joanne, 2016)

Gaga sings about her craving of “a real wild man” like the iconic cowboy actor this song is named after. It even has an official music video, but for unconfirmed reasons, “John Wayne” has never enjoyed the full single servicing. Nonetheless, it’s a bite-sized uptempo jam featuring a killer electric guitar in the chorus. 


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