Don’t expect me to write a lot of articles about food, but I do know what I love when asked, and when it comes to ice cream, there are five flavors that are godsend:

Baskin Robbins Cotton Candy

I first tried this purple-pink ice cream flavor at an outlet in Malaysia and was instantly impressed at how much it indeed tasted like cotton candy. Just imagine that candy floss in your mouth, but creamy and cold because… ice cream. Baskin Robbins Cotton Candy is phenomenal. 

Baskin Robbins Pralines ‘n Cream

I’m not even much of a vanilla fan, but the vanilla ice cream in Baskin Robbins Pralines ‘n Cream tastes awesome when combined with swirls of caramel and praline-coated pecans. Those pecans have never tasted better by the way; I’m otherwise not a fan of those nuts. Because of the slight saltiness from the caramel and pecans, this has been my No. 1 favorite ice cream flavor for awhile now. Sometimes I can’t get enough of it, so I flood my cup with an extra praline caramel topping. Wondrously heavenly.

Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie

I used to love chocolate ice cream as a child but I eventually grew to realize most of it tastes pretty bland. One exception is Ben & Jerry’s brilliant Chocolate Fudge Brownie, a staple at supermarkets and convenience stores. The chocolate is rich and authentic while the slabs of brownies are to die for.

Swensen’s Macadamia Mania

The only flavor in this article that I can’t buy a pint home of is Macadamia Mania, served at Swensen’s restaurants. Sticky hot fudge, delicious caramel and crunchy macadamia nuts are served with scoops of lovely macadamia ice cream, topped with whipped cream, a chocolate-coated cherry and a wafer slice. I haven’t ordered any other dessert at Swensen’s for awhile.

McDonald’s Oreo McFlurry

Sometimes simple does it best. When it comes to cookies and cream, you know you’re safe with Oreos. I order mine with extra Oreo bits because the standard serving obviously doesn’t suffice.


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